Early Halloween

This past weekend we already started celebrating Halloween with Dylan, even though this fun holiday is still a week away. Some schools and parks already had their own Halloween parties, so it’s great not have everything in one day. We didn’t do any decoration at home (shame on me!!) but we got excited to go to those little parties and see Dylan having so much fun.

For his costume, I decided to go easy. He still doesn’t really get to pick his own costume, se we did it! First, I wanted something super comfortable, as always, and I wanted something fun. Darth Vader, even though is a mean character, is kinda fun! We like Star Wars and I can guarantee you Dylan will like it. Hanna Andersson, one of my favorite brands for pijamas, had the cutest glow in the dark pajama costume. So there you go! Dylan is wearing a pijama for Halloween. I just had to get a couple accessories on Amazon!

Saturday it was rainy and ugly day to be outside, so we were glad that Citibabes was hosting a little (and very crowded) Halloween party. It was pretty fun with lots of music, stories, arts and crafts, bouncy castle for the little ones. Dylan loved it.

Sunday was cold, but a perfect beautiful fall day. One of the playgrounds we love and go all the time was hosting a fundraising Halloween party, so of course we went. They started with a parede for the kids and it was too funny seeing everyone dressed up! After that they had music, games, yummy snacks, crafts, face painting, magic for the kids. The event was all day long, but we stayed only for the morning. Dylan can’t handle more than that, and to tell the truth, neither can we, haha!

What are you going to be this Halloween? I’m still debating if I should dress up or not!! Probably not😉. Here are some pics of the weekend if you’d like to see:



Getting ready for the Winter

Hi everyone! After a weird heat wave this October I think we finally have some fall weather. I have to say that I love it and was waiting for this. As I said many times before, we like cold weather and we hope Dylan enjoys it too. I think the key to like the cold weather is to dress properly.

Growing up in Brazil I didn’t really knew what really cold weather means like. When I moved to US I was 23 and totally unprepared. I suffered for the first few winters because I didn’t really know what to buy. Once I learned, life changed and I could actually enjoy the weather. I tell this to all my friends looking to buy Winter clothes.

Of course I want my son to experience the same thing. I don’t want to dress him with tons of clothes, looking like a snowman to go outside and still be shivering. Kids need playful, comfortable, warm, and durable clothing, and that’s why Polar O. Pyret is one of my favorite brands for him.

Before I continue, I want to mention that this is not a sponsored post. I just really, really like this brand for kids and I’m always happy to share what I like.  The sizing of This Swedish brand runs big, so it will fit the kids for a whole season or even more. Dylan’s jacket from last year still fits him and my kid is looong! The quality is amazing and I love that they have many waterproof pieces and still stylish and super comfy!

A few weeks ago, Brianne from Stroller in the City invited a few bloggers to go to the store and learn a bit more about the brand and show everything they have new for this season. Polar O. Pyret is not just Winter though, they have outfits for all the seasons. All the pieces is made for kids to be out there and play, get dirty, move around. I just love everything they have.

If you don’t know Polar O. Pyret, you need to check it out! Here is a few photos from the event and a few things I got for D. Xx


And here are a few pieces that I cannot wait to D wear it!


B-Ready with Britax

I consider myself a very loyal person to products we like and that works for our family, but I have to admit that I love trying new things. Living in NYC we have a very busy lifestyle. We’re always out and about, we ride trains, take cabs, and walk basically everywhere in this city we call home!

Needless to say, Dylan is used to be on the go. We don’t own a car, so the stroller is “his” car and ours, too, even though we have to push, haha. He doesn’t complain to get in the stroller because he knows he is going to places. This is how we move around! So I’m always on hunt of products that makes our lives easier.

When Britax and Six Degrees of Mom approached me to ask if I wanted to try the new B-READY stroller I was afraid to accept. Afraid because I knew I’d like and I’d regret not having this stroller since Dylan was born. Well, that happened. I still love the stroller we had before, but trying this new one just made me realize what I was missing out.


The stroller is great and has everything we need, specially a huge basket under the seat that you can fit everything in there. Not having a car, that makes much, much easier going around to run errands. You know what I mean if you live in a big city… you need this to go to a grocery store, haha. It just makes like 99% easier.


The B-READY is super easy to open and close, it’s super compact when you close so it’s a great to travel, too. Another feature we like is that the stroller grows with you. And by that I meant is that if you have another child you can easily put another seat there!

We still don’t know if or when we are having another baby, but the stroller for it we have already!


You can see that Dylan really enjoyed the stroller (specially the snack tray) and that’s what makes me happy. As long as baby enjoys it, I do it too! Thank you, Britax and Six Degrees of Mom for this amazing opportunity. Xx

See ‘Dylan’ Run

I love Fall and I’m so happy the weather is changing. I cannot wait to wear coats, boots, hats. Dylan loves being outside and he will definitely enjoy this season with his Mama. One of his  first words was “shoes” awhile ago. Shoes because he knows he needs it to go outside. He comes to us with his shoes and ask us to put it on him, then he rans to the door and starts saying “go, go, go.” Dylan is a funny little guy that knows what he wants!


Dylan has also been using shoes since he was a baby. I never liked the idea of him wearing an outfit without shoes, it looked like something was missing. When he couldn’t walk, I didn’t care much about the quality of the shoes, but as soon as he showed the first signs  walking I knew I had to get him something decent and with support for his little feet. I also knew I wanted to get See Kai Run for him!

Before having kids on my own, I was around kids a lot, and See Kai Run was (and still is) the best and cutest shoes around. Needless to say, those were Dylan’s first real shoes. The ones he started walking outside and the ones that gave him confidence to do it. Most of his pairs of shoes are from there.


Now that is fall, I’m obsessed with their boots. Besides being cute, most of the boots are waterproof! I love this feature because Dylan loves jumping on puddles. I’m not thrilled about it, haha, but I let him go. He is a little explorer and this shoes help him go to places.


See Kai Run and Blog Me and The City are giving away one pair of shoes to a lucky winner on Instagram. Head over to my account (@blogmeandthecity) to have a chance to win! Xx


Italy with kids

As I said before, traveling with kids is not easy and takes planning, especially if you are going to another country. I’ve to Italy before, but never with a kid. Everything changes! Here are some things that helped us on this trip and made it easier.


First of all, we didn’t stay in a hotel. Besides needing two room since my mom was coming with us, we wanted more space so Dylan could run around, a kitchen and be able to do laundry. After researching A LOT, reading many reviews, we rented apartments in Venice and Rome through Airbnb. Guys, it was great! The apartments were so clean, functional, much bigger than a hotel room, and had everything we needed.

Because we had a kitchen, we were able to make a good breakfast for Dylan in the morning so I didn’t have to worry about his lunch that much. I went to the grocery store and got eggs, yogurt, bananas and whatever else was easy. Even though he ate a lot, he loved lunch. This guy loves carbs and wouldn’t pass bread and spaghetti carbonara! Having a place to wash clothes was great, too, because Rome is so, so, so dirty!


Btw, even though Italy is super friendly towards kids, the restaurants do not have high chairs. This was the only place where they kinda had one. The staff everywhere were super helpful and friendly though! 


We made sure to rent apartments that had a crib for Dylan, because I didn’t want to have to pack something like that. So I just took his sheets and two of the stuffed animals he sleeps with and it worked just fine. Dylan felt “home” and slept through the night like a champ.

Another thing I mentioned before was the stroller. We took the Citi Mini and it was perfect, much better than an umbrella stroller. The City Mini is light and super easy to open and close, has great support to walk around on those streets and it’s comfortable enough for long naps. I actually saw a lot of people there with the same stroller.


A few other things that helped us:



  • Munchkin Snack Catcher. We had this on the stroller all the times and I took some puffs. We walked a lot and many times Dylan wanted to get out of the stroller in places he couldn’t, so I gave him snacks. Yes, it saved us!
  • Besides the puffs, I packed a bunch of snacks from here because I didn’t want to bother looking for different things at grocery stores there. I took granola bars, rice crackers, fruit snacks and things like that. It was vacation for everyone and I didn’t care how much he was snacking sometimes!
  • Camelbak bottle for kids. I bought this one week before we went on the trip and Dylan became obsessed with it. It’s easy to clean and it’s no spill, I love it. Sometimes I would drink water from the same bottle, haha. Rome has a lot of fountains with clean and cold water around the city.
  • Wipes! Guys, we used so many wipes. Not just clean Dylan’s butt, but to clean his hands and face all the time. As mentioned, Rome is super dirty and his hands would get black constantly.
  • Changing pad. We have one from Skip Hop and that thing got used a whole lot. Italy bathrooms doesn’t have a place to change kids, so we had to use either our stroller or the floor. And it’s OK, people, everyone does that there. I took some little bags for dirty diapers, too.
  • We took some little toys and books so he would have stuff to play at the apartment and the iPad. We didn’t take the iPad around the city or to restaurants, we don’t do this here. But, he could watch stuff once we were at the apt. He needed so down time after intense days and so did we! Amazon prime allows you do download cartoons and watch offline.


The whole trip was pretty amazing, fun, a lot of work, and worth it! Traveling with kids is different and, as long as we understand this and respect their limits, it’s much better. We are already planning another adventure with our little guy. Xx


Italy Vacation

If you follow me on Instagram, you know we were away in Italy on vacation. We spent nine days around Venice and Rome along with my mom. We took my mom on this trip to celebrate her 60th Birthday. Her dream was to go to Italy, and like every good Catholic, go to the Vatican. Her wish was granted and Dylan also got a kiss from the Pope. This was, of course, the highlight of this trip. A really amazing moment that took us by surprise.


Traveling with a 14 month old boy is challenging and not easy, but it’s worth it. We were debating if we should go with Dylan or not go at all, and I’m glad we went! He definitely enjoyed it. He was out of his routine basically every day, ate too many gelato, went to dinner with us every night (some nights were better than others,) but it worked out. He took some killer naps in his stroller and slept throughout the night every single night. And this mama was very, very happy about this!

I’m preparing another post with all the essencial itens for a toddler, in my opinion, that helped us on this trip. Meanwhile, here are some photos if you’d like to see. Xx



You know… toddlers! 


Problem solved! 


How was your weekend?

How was it? I want to know. I love long weekends, specially because my husband is home an extra day. Dylan gets super excited and I get to rest a little bit more. We didn’t do much on Labor Day, just hang out around here.  Here are a few pics of the weekend if’d like to see:

On Saturday we went to have lunch at Berimbau (Carmine St.) I was dying to eat some Brazilian food and have a yummy caipirinha. If you go there, ask for the passion fruit one. I had two of those, haha. My husband prefers the tradicional one. Dylan loves the food and always eats a lot. So it’s a win win!!


Sunday we walked to TriBeCa to have lunch at Shake Shack. I LOVE it! Dylan was sleeping so he missed that, haha. After, we walked around the Brookfield Mall, 9/11 Memorial, and finally went to see the Oculos. It’s pretty cool. On the way back home I stopped at Whole food to get a couple things and Dada took D to the playground.


This was pretty much our weekend. Monday we just hang around here and took Dylan to the playground one more time. Nothing too exciting, but at the same time super exciting.😀

Date night at Lupa

This past weekend my husband and I went on a date night. We try to do it at least once a month… sometimes we can do more and sometimes we got over a month without it, but we always look forward to a date night. It’s nice to be able to go out without kids, have drinks, eat good food, and of course, talk!

We can do this at home? Yes, and we do it a lot. Dylan goes to bed super early, so we’ve been having dinner “as adults” since he was about two months old. But the going out is fun.. you get to dress up, to put some high heels and have that amazing dress and lipstick on, so nothing beats a good date night with your favorite guy.

Last weekend we went to Lupa, on Greenwich Village. It’s a Roman style restaurant and the food is just AMAZING! I love Italian food, so that’s a plus. Their selection of wines is gigantic, but staff is really helpful with it. We always pretend we know wine, but we actually don’t know really well hahaha. Also, their desserts are so so tasty! We had the olive oil cake with sesame ice cream, it’s like going to heaven and back!

The restaurant is usually crowded on weekends, so it’s good to get a reservation for dinner if you want a normal time to eat! It’s on our “best food” list now!

Have you ever been there? What did you think? And also, do you usually go on date nights? I’d love to know. Xx


photo: google


photo: google


photo: my phone, haha.

lesson learned

This Summer we have been to at least 10 one year old birthday parties. It basically became part of our weekends. Part of me is done with it and part of me loves it. Specially because its always fun to get together with friends and celebrate their babies turning one. It’s special, very special, and we’re happy to be part of that.

This past weekend we went to celebrate Sam’s birthday. Samuel is about three weeks younger than D and his mama and I are really good friends since we had no babies. So of course we had to be there despite of this ridiculous humid and crazy weather that is happening lately. It’s SO hot guys, I basically refuse to be outside. Luckily, Sam’s birthday party was inside. Yay!

I dressed D with this cute outfit by True Religion. This brand has the cutest things for the little ones and I’m obsessed with this jeans and t-shirt. I got all excited to have Dylan wearing this for his friend’s birthday party. The age he is now is so much fun and we have so many cute options that are not “babyish” anymore, even though he is still my baby.

Little I knew that this guy is so active and you should never feed your kid with messy food before leaving the house, haha. So, an accident happened right before we left and I had to change him. It was totally my fault! Sometimes, as a mom, we make some silly decisions. Dylan has been eating by himself pouches so well and I couldn’t be prouder, but I forget that he is only one year old and has no control of his hands.

Every time we go somewhere, I like to feed him something before we leave the house. I learned this with my mom, haha. You never know what is going to have at a birthday party and you don’t want your kid cranky and hungry, because that’s the worse. So I usually give him some healthy snack or even a whole meal (depending the time of day) before we head out.

I had snapped some cute photos before to show his outfit. The plan was to snap a few photos of him playing at the birthday party, too, but that didn’t happen. Shame on Mama!!

Our birthday season, believe or not, is still not done, so D will have plenty of opportunities to wear this again. I can’t wait!


(thank you, true religion for the outfit and thank for supporting my blog. Xx)

D’s Bday Party!

We have a love relationship with Citibabes, so D’s first birthday party had to be there. We’ve been going there to classes and to play since he was only 2 months old and he just loved that place. Actually, he pretty much feels home over there, haha. Also, his birthday is end of July, and to us is impossible to make something at the park because is either hot or too hot!

At home was not an option, too, because we live in a small apartment and wouldn’t fit everyone. We wanted kids and grown ups to have fun, and we didn’t want to make anything big. So Citibabes was perfect.

Here is what we did. We ordered some delicious food from Murray’s Cheese. They have amazing sandwiches, cheeses, and sides. Everyone loved it!! I got some food for the kiddos (lots of Happy Family Organic pouches and snacks) and string cheese. We had some grown up drinks, of course. And, for sweets we ordered the amazing cake from Brigadeiro Bakery that became tradition in our family and my awesome friend, Cintia (@maedehoje) made some Brazilian sweet treats. She is the best baker EVER!

Citibabes has great space for the kids to play and we had an appearance of Mr. Corbitt, too. He is Dylan’s music teacher and he just the best. He played music for the kids and they loved it.

The party was so fun and we just had to leave because the kiddos were pretty tired and it was time to close the facility haha. Otherwise, I think we’d be there all day long. Ar conditioning also makes any party better, right? It was SO crazy hot outside.

Thank you for everyone that came celebrate D’s first year. It was so special. Xx