Easter Weekend

Happy Easter, guys! How was your weekend? Easter is such an important weekend for me and I was happy to spent here with my little family. We usually travel, but this year we decided to stay home, since Dylan and I are going away end of this week. The weather was so beautiful every day and we got to be outside a lot.

My husband was home on Friday too, so it was much more fun! Friday we just ran some errands, I did some packing and some Spring cleaning while Rob took D to the playground. Saturday we took D to his first Egg Hunt and the Bleecker Playground and it was so much fun. This boy loved finding eggs, shaking it, and then putting inside his basket. He really didn’t care what was inside, haha. After that we went to lunch at Republic, a noodle asian fusion place we love at Union Square. Dylan loves it too, but he was so tired! Passed out right after lunch and went back to the playground when he woke up!

Sunday was Easter. We had a little basket and egg hunt for D at home. The only candy he really really loved was the cheerios covered with chocolate from Jacques Torres. Can’t blame him, it’s delicious! We went to the Church in the morning too, where Dylan half behaved, haha. We did lunch at our regular place on Sundays, Dos Caminos and it was great! The weather was so amazing.

So here is a bunch of photos from the weekend, if you’d like to see:

Friday we had pizza for lunch at Pizzaria Numero 28 (Carmine St.) 
Then the cats put D to sleep, as you can see. 
Ready for his first egg hunt! 


Hmmmm they had doughnuts at the park! 


Noodles also can put you to sleep. So good! 


Bedtime Routine at 20 months

When it comes to bedtime routine, I think every family has its own and you have to do what works for you and the kids. It can be tricky,  but my only advice is to keep it simple and be consistent. Since D was born, I knew I wanted to get him used to go to bed early. Of course that doesn’t count for the first two months or so… that was messy and its fine!

I’m a stay at home mom and I love that, but I need my sanity too! Getting him to bed early was essencial for our family. D is almost 21 months now and he goes to bed around 7:30pm. He wakes up around 7am and trust me, that doesn’t matter the time he goes to bed! He has been an early riser since day one. I guess he is totally his dad! So here is how we keep it simple… and I want to say we are flexible too when we need to change, when we’re traveling or anything like that.

His dinner is around 6:30pm. After that I let him play for a little bit while I clean up the kitchen. I brush his teeth and give him a shower, yes, a shower. Dylan hasn’t been taking baths since he turned one and I have to say that this is the best thing EVER! It’s simple, easy, quick! He stands up and play with a few toys.. His favorite thing now is to pump soap from the body wash bottle and pretend he washes his hands and the toys. We use Babyganics body wash and love it. Too bad Dylan likes to “waste” part of the bottle washing Mickey Mouse, haha.


Then, we’re off to his room, where I put some moisturize all over his body, change him into his pijamas and we read books. I usually let him choose the books. I don’t have a specific number of books we can read, it all depends what time it is. Then we say all the good nights (he needs to say good night to the cats) and off he goes to his crib. Usually, he is asleep within 5 to 10 minutes… sometimes though he is “talking” too much and it takes him longer.  But most os the time is stays just fine in his crib and doesn’t call us.

D is clearly getting to big for his changing table!


So here you go, a very simple and easy bedtime routine. They key is consistency and do what is easier for your family! When we travel, we try do have the little bedtime the same, even though the timing might not be the same. This is what works for us! I’d love to hear what works for you. Xx


The awful terrible twos and a secret…

So, when we were away something happened and I wasn’t sure if I’d tell the story or not. And that’s my “secret.” On the last day in Jackson, when we were getting ready to go to the airport, Dylan wasn’t having a good morning. You know… meltdowns and things like that. It was cold out, really cold, we were in the hotel lobby and my husband left to go get the car. And that is when the world ended.

Dylan had the biggest meltdown ever (every meltdown I think is the biggest now) and I was holding his hand tight. He wanted to run outside, on the snow, after his dada, where a bunch of cars and trucks were coming and going. I held his hand and he threw himself on the floor like dead weight. He was screaming like a crazy person and I was feeling really bad, really tired, and didn’t know what to do anymore. My husband came back with the car, I was holding D and taking him to the car.

When I was holding him I noticed he wasn’t moving the arm I was holding when he threw himself on the floor. Did I break it? Did I just break my son’s arm? I instantly told my husband as we were in the car and I was kinda freaking out. Dylan was crying so much that he fell asleep in the carseat after screaming for five minutes there. If he manage to sleep, I didn’t break his arm (or wrist, or hand, or finger I guess,) but something was wrong. He wouldn’t move that arm and we couldn’t touch it.

Since we really didn’t want to miss our flight and nothing seemed to be broken, we decided to go to the airport and then, if we needed, we would go straight to the hospital when we land in NYC. Pretty bad parenting, right? That’s what I was thinking! We got the airport, Dylan still not letting us touch his arm and kinda crying. The arm seemed fine, nothing was swollen, red, purple, blue, black… I decided to give him some Tylenol and it was almost time to board. I was a mess.

Right before we started to board, I was holding sad Dylan and he asked to get down. I let him and he started running, playing, like nothing had happened! Like if the past two hours just did not happen. He was moving his arm just fine, we boarded, he was great on the plane and all was good. I, on the other hand, was still shaken by it. The thought I could have hurt my son when I was trying to protect him, make him safe, made me desperate.

Terrible twos are terrible not just for the toddler. It’s a constantly struggle for the parent to do the right thing. Dylan is 20 months now and his is definitely in this phase. Is a phase, right? I’m trying to keep my cool and trying to pick my battles really careful, otherwise motherhood becomes something not enjoyable and I want to enjoy it.  Some days are good and some days he throws himself on the floor a few times, and I’m letting him do it as he needs to get his frustration out. I try to comfort him every time and let him know I’m there, always.



Children’s Museum of the Arts

Hi guys! Not sure what happened to my blog, but this post went blank and it wasn’t saved at all… So I’m here fixing it and reposting the photos and all.

Last week, Dylan and I went to the Children’s Museum of the Arts here in Manhattan. I’ve been wanting to go for awhile, specially because is like one block from where we live, but Dylan was too young. Now that he is more into “arts,” loves coloring and playing with things like that, I thought it would be the right time to go! And I was right, this boy had a blast. We spent two hours there and he played a lot. This will definitely be a weekly thing for us as we are already planning on going this week with friends! Here are some pics if you’d like to see. Xx


Travel size for kids

Traveling with kids is not easy and definitely not light. Because of Dylan, I’m trying to learn how to pack light for myself now, there are so many little things we need to have. Depending where we’re going, I usually don’t pack a lot of diapers and wipes, for example, and just buy at the destination. But at the same time I don’t want to get to destination and have to buy a million things!

This time when we went to Jackson I packed diapers only for the plane ride and a couple extras. I packed only one pack of wipes too. I also basically didn’t pack any food or snacks, only for the trip. We got there and went straight to the grocery where I ended up buying whatever I needed for that week.

His toiletries though, I brought it from home, because I think it’s easier if we can have everything “travel size.” Dylan’s skin is super sensitive and I didn’t want to take any chances and just have what I already know and trust. Babyganics has been a trusted brand for us since Dylan was born, we just love their products and I confess that I want to use a few things for myself, haha.

When they offered to send us a few things to take on the trip it was a no brainer answer for me… of course! Besides sending a few products I already knew I liked, I got to try on Dylan a few other ones, like the Eczema Cream. I have to say I tried many eczema creams on my son and this, by far, worked the best.


Dylan didn’t have any problem on his skin during the week we were there. Another thing I absolutely love about it, is that the cream is not sticky like many other ones. My husband gets so so crazy when he has to put something on Dylan’s skin that is sticky like vaseline… Don’t get me wrong, some of those products are really good, but it’s a pain and it gets everywhere!

Another thing I really loved was the travel size stain eraser! Dylan gets stuff everywhere, specially on my clothes somehow! We were having blueberries pancakes every morning at the hotel and of course, every morning was a blueberry explosion on his and my clothes! Thank goodness for that stain eraser, because I was not up to do any laundry that week.

And one more thing… Thank goodness for hand sanitizer wipes! I’m not a germaphobic, I’m actually pretty relaxed, but planes are gross and I have to wipe down a few things like the seat, seatbelt bucle and tray before letting Dylan sit down. Those things never get cleaned and he often licks stuff, always classy, haha.


We came back and I already have everything packed again for another trip we are taking next month. I’m so excited!!!



(Babyganics did send us these products, but the thoughts and opinions are 100% mine)

Travel size love

As I was writing a post about some of Dylan’s essentials products when we are traveling, I decided I should share some of my favorite things I’ve been using and loving it too. Once upon a time, my blog used to be more about things like that and, slowly, I’ll try to share things not just about motherhood. It’s been hard, but I’ll do it.

I’m a travel size junkie. It’s a little bit silly, but its essencial. We travel quite a bit and I like to have a few products I use at home with me when I’m away. Like my shampoo and hair cream, for exemple. I’m pretty loyal to the same brand for the past six years and I’m not planning on changing that. I have curly hair and DevaCurl products are the only ones that works for me… so, travel size it is! Also, travel size things helps the “packing light” that my husband insist me to do it and I’m trying to learn. I think I’m getting better each time we go somewhere.

Here are a few products I love, use at home, and take on trips with me:


As I said, I love DevaCurl and don’t live without their products for my hair.


I’m a big fan of Kiehl’s products. I’ve been using their Creme de Corps since forever (including during my whole pregnancy!) So now I also have the little one, of course. At home I have the one liter bottle of this cream, haha. I also have facial cleanser and night cream to take with me. Their products never disappoint.


This makeup remover from Lancome might be the BEST one I’ve tried so far, and I tried many different brands. It takes away everything from my eye, any kind of makeup. It’s so, so good.


Sunscreen from Babo Botanicals and hand/nail cream from Caudalíe, always! My husband actually is a big fan of this sunscreen and used every day, many times, when he was skiing.


What are your favorite things? Do you love travel size too? Is there any product you cannot live without? Xx

The Elk Nightmare

One of the things we did in Jackson was to go to the Elk Refuge. This is a popular thing to do (apparently, with kids) over there in the Winter. We wanted to do something fun for Dylan and since he loves animals we, of course, thought it would be the most fun things to do! Well, things always don’t go as planned right?

Anyway, at the Elk Refuge you get to see tons of Elks gathered on the snow. They take groups of 14 people or so on sleighs and the little trip outdoors last about an hour. The sleigh is open and besides everyone being dressed for the cold, they provide very warm blankets for everyone to enjoy the ride. So we decided to go… Dylan doesn’t mind the cold that much, but that day was windy and it was just a nightmare!

Once we got to the sleigh and the thing started going very slowly, Dylan started to crying and screaming like crazy. Poor kid! My husband and I tried everything we could to calm him down, but he was so, but so frustrated that anything we would try would make him even more upset. I held my baby tight and cried with him… what else I could do? It was our mistake for taking him there and we couldn’t just get up and leave, we were in the middle nowhere around a bunch of wild animals.

Dylan screamed for 50 minutes and passed out on the last 10 minutes. Nobody on the sleigh said (or heard the guide through the little trip) a thing. Some people, with their eyes, were saying “I’m sorry” and other people were judging… and it’s OK, I didn’t care what anyone thought and I just wanted that to be over so my baby could be comfortable.

When the thing was over (I didn’t see any Elk, of course) everyone had to hop on a bus to take us to our car. When we got to the parking lot I told my husband to go ahead and warm up the car and I’d wait everyone to leave the bus so I could go ahead.  As I was sitting and holding sleeping Dylan, one of the woman who was at the sleigh and the bus with us walked by and said “your kid was terrified. I have a kid of the same age and would never do what you did with my kid.” And then she just walked away, all pretty and the perfect mom she must be!

I, on the other hand, started crying  all over again. I was so upset and angry at this woman. I was upset because I was feeling the worst mom ever! And I angry because that woman tried to be mean and tried to say how shitty mom I must be, a mom who didn’t care about my son. Empathy, people! Where is the empathy? Who is the parent that never made a decision thinking about your kid and got a totally different reaction from the kid? Please, tell me who are those parents and I want to meet and maybe learn something from them???

That woman clearly thinks she is this super perfect mom, but at the end of the day I can only feel sorry for her! My anger is gone, my regret of taking my son is gone as well. We made that decision because we thought it was the best and it turned out it wasn’t… we all survived, we didn’t see Elks and we don’t care, we are all healthy and happy, Dylan forgot about it, and we will have a good laugh about this story when he grows up! And, only these three photos to prove we went… Haha. Xx