Snow Day Out

Last Thursday we finally had a snow storm. I’m kinda sad we’re not getting as much snow as I’d like to this Winter. The weather has been so so crazy! But if we have embrace the cold, I want to snow instead of rain and wind. Of course, not having to drive makes it much easier with snow.

So on Thursday I was super excited to get Dylan out. We didn’t stay too long because besides the snow, it was super windy. Dylan, of course, did not mind and cried a bunch when we came back inside. He is definitely his father’s son and loves the Winter.

Prepping him to be outside with this conditions might be the only thing I don’t enjoy that much, but I try to keep it simple and very basic. I don’t believe too much layers makes any difference if you have the wrong pieces, so we try to get the right pieces and don’t layer that much. Otherwise, Dylan wouldn’t be able to walk.

He is using pants from Icebreaker and shirt from Polarn O. Pyret, all merino wool. His snow bib, jackets and boots are also from Polarn. I have to say I LOVE these boots and I love the insulation inside. The good thing is that we can take it out if the weather is not cold and use as a rain boots. His mittens, that has a little sleeve, are from MimiTens and I love it, too.

Here are a few pics if you’d like to see:


Play area and having limits

Our apartment in NYC is not big, like most of the places here. We live in a one and half bedroom apt, one bathroom and an open living space. We couldn’t ask for anything else here in the city and we are very happy with the ways things are in our home. Of course, if I could ask for something it would be for a cleaning fairy that would come every day to organize the toys and everything that is out of place all the time, haha.

We try to make a happy and comfortable place for Dylan (and the cats) to hang out. There are some things around the house that are off limits, some things are child proofed, and some things we just constantly teach him he cannot play with, like the water fountain for the cats. After tiring months of telling him NO and explaining that was not a toy, he finally doesn’t care anymore and doesn’t try to play with it. Same thing with the cat food.

Another thing he learned is that the wine rack is off limits and not a toy (well, it’s mama’s toy.) Our wine rack is made of metal and is right off his play area. To secure, we have a nest in front of the rack, but you still can get wine from it. It’s just more work! He tried a few times, not successful and not a toy… He doesn’t try anymore.

I think teaching them limits is the key. They are kids and we want to turn them into decent, respectable, and kind human beings. Teaching limits allows them to know what is right or wrong, allows them to respect space and things, and allows them to ask us for what they want knowing that “no” can be an answer.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I try every single day to do it right. I childproof my home, specially the dangerous places, but I do not want to live in a place where my son can do whatever he wants. I want him to learn that he cannot have everything he wants, I want him to ask for things, I want to him know some things are mine or my husband’s or the cats, and I also want him to feel comfortable! It’a all about balance in life.

Here is a little bit of our play space:


Where is that cleaning fairy???
A closer look of the nest on the wine rack. 

On being flexible

If I could give every mom a simple advice it would be this… be flexible with your toddler and choose your battles. I say toddler because that’s what I have right not, but I believe is worth for all ages.

Today, Dylan and I were having lunch together. He usually sits on his high chair and I sit on the counter next to him. Is not every day we have lunch together, because sometimes is too early for me. But anyway, we were having lunch and eating the same thing. I had my plate and he had his. Dylan notice my place and wanted it for him even though it was the same thing. That moment I had two choices: 1) I could say no and explain to him that we were eating the same thing and he should eat from his own plate. It would be a tiring moment for disciplining my kid; 2)I could give my plate to him and see what he was going to do.

Dylan is only 18 months, is learning new things every day, and is curious. I decided not to pick a battle at lunch time and gave my plate to him. He was super excited and placed one plate next to the other and started taking food out of his plate and put into mine. When he was done he celebrated and did all over again to his place. While he was doing that he also ate all the food from both plates.

I could have choose to discipline and teach my toddler when he asked for my plate, but I choose every day what is worth fighting for. I want to teach my kid every day to be flexible, to be kind, and to pick his battles as well.  I see so many moms out there being so harsh with themselves and with their kids. We cannot expect them to do things that their brain still can’t understand. Motherhood is hard for everyone and the same time we need a break, they also need one.

For Dylan today at lunch, the important thing was the process of taking food from one plate and putting inside another. I allowed this to happen by being flexible with him and not trying to “teaching him a lesson.” And by doing that, we all won this battle. Have a good weekend, guys. Xx





Making art

We live in small apartment here in NYC. Spaces are small in the city and you just have to get used to it and make it work. We have a toddler who likes to run around and two cats that does the same thing. I often joke I have three toddlers, haha.

With that said, I hear a lot from people if it’s hard to raise kids in NYC because of small spaces and no backyard. I think raising a kid is not easy anywhere, specially if you’re far away from family and really don’t have a lot of help. But you just make it work! And we do that and love it. Luckily, NYC is a kid friendly place. Playgrounds are everywhere and this became our backyard. Also, indoor playground guys! Thank goodness for that.

We’ve been going to Citibabes since Dylan was two months old. We used to go when he was a little baby just for movement classes.  When he turned six months we added music classes too. By far, music is Dylan’s favorite class ever. It’s so fun to watch his progress there. He loves it too much.

Now that he is 18 months (OMG!) we added art class to his “busy” schedule. I’m lucky enough I get to do all these classes with him. We did so far a couple of these classes and we are loving it. Well, me more than Dylan. It’s new for him and he can sit still for too long. I’m OK with it and so is the teacher. It’s all a process. He loves painting though and playing with different textures, colors, shapes, markers, stickers, and everything.

I have to say I’m very proud of my little one making is own art (with my help, of course). Here are a few pics of his first Art Class:


Resolution for 2017

Did you do any resolution for this year? Do you usually do every year? I’ve never done and this year wasn’t too much different. I always se goals in life I want to achieve, but I don’t believe that the year needs to start to we can go after what we want. Although I think it’s cool when people set some things for the beginning of the year and actually commit to it. So you can get to the end and look back with satisfaction.

One thing it was bothering me was that we basically stopped going to the church since Dylan was born. My excuse? Dylan, of course. It was my excuse for being lazy, that’s all and I’m not proud of it. Going to the church with a toddler is easy? Of course not, but also going to a bunch of places with a toddler is not fun and we always make it work.

So I decided to change this. On Christmas we started going again with Dylan and it was better than we though. Easy? Again, no! But it was just fine. We are lucky enough to have a Catholic Church we like one block from our home. The Mass is pretty quick (never more than one hour) and the Priest is very nice and funny.

We’ve been trying a few different times too, because I don’t want to do on Dylan’s nap time. This is asking for a disaster (meltdowns) to happen at the church. I’ve been also taking a couple little books, one being The Children’s Bible, with us so he can get a little distracted and a few snacks to have if we need. Because by the end of the day, he is only 17 months and he won’t sit still for an hour. No Ipads or phones though. For us, this ia a NO when we go to church.

So here you go, this is my resolution for this year and hopefully we will create the habit of going again and Dylan will get used to it. I’m pretty content about it!

How about you? What’s your resolution? And what do you do when you go to places like church, restaurants or anything like that with kids? I want to know. Xx


Winter Wonderland

Happy New Year, guys! How was it? We had a pretty chill new years and I was sleeping before midnight. Yes, this had been happening for the past three years and I do not regret, haha. This year we had my sister here, so it was a pretty big deal. She was also sleeping before midnight because… KIDS!

It’s totally fine, we had tons of fun the whole time she was here though. Dylan couldn’t get enough of her and I couldn’t get enough of trying to rest for a little bit. We live far from all of our families, so it breaks my heart knowing Dylan won’t grow up with them around. At the same time I’m so, so thankful for technology! We can see them, speak to them, send photos, videos all the time. And this way Dylan gets to know them better and not be a strange. Because of FaceTime, he knew who my sister was right way and wouldn’t leave her side.

One the day my sister was leaving the snow finally showed up! She had never seen it and Dylan had never played on the snow before. So it was great. Well, not great the part that her flight was delayed FOREVER! Poor girl had to sleep at the JFK, but she is safe and sound in Brazil now.

Anyway, snow was a big deal! I decided to take Dylan outside to play a little bit. It took me only 30 minutes to get ready, we spend like 10 outside, but it was worth it. His whole outfit is from Polar O. Pyret. I love this brand and they make the perfect clothes for this occasion. I also don’t need to layer him with 351746862 clothes because everything is warm. And that makes him comfortable and nice to play outside.

The only thing he is wearing that is not from there are the mittens. We receive this mittens from a Canadian brand called MimiTENS and we’re obsessed with it. These mittens have a sleeve that goes all the way to his elbow and do not come off. Love this. It’s super cute too, water resistant and warm. Dylan knows he needs to go outside and doesn’t complain to put it on. I will make another post showing the mittens. YAY!

Here are some photos if you’d like to see:



Toys around the house

The other day, after Dylan went to bed, my husband and I were picking up all the toys and all the mess around our living room and talking about life. Talking about our home, how life used to be, and how the toys took over, haha. Don’t get me wrong, we love the way our life and home is now and wouldn’t change for a thing.

I’m not sure if our decoration has a “style.” We do like some pretty and colorful things, some nice and comfortable furniture, so I’d say our house is very welcoming. Does that makes sense? With toys wouldn’t be different, we like toys that Dylan enjoys first of all, but since now it’s part of our decor, we like some toys that it can be incorporated to our home.

B. Toys has been a brand dear to our heart and Dylan has their toys since he was little. The colors are so pretty and different, the designs are so cool, modern, unique, that was easy to make the toys part of our house. Besides all that, Dylan loves it and that is the most important part of it. He is always super curious about these toys, plays a lot with them (I’m not kidding) and it hasn’t grew out of any of these toys yet.

The packaging of the toys is incredible, too. B. Toys use recycling material and many of the package you can reuse. We’re working now on Dylan helping picking up the toys after he plays with, but that’s a whole other story, haha.


This photo melts my heart like a thousand times!! Also, he still loves this soft blocks. 


This was one of the first time he stood up holding on something. 



This was my husband’s work, who is obsessed with this toy, haha! 


Thank you B. Toys, for the last few of Dylan’s toys. He loved it and can’t stop playing with it.